5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t just the most prevalent form of it—it’s also the most versatile. From personal assistants to search engines, it’s now possible to build software that can do almost anything a human can. If you already have an online presence, then you probably already know artificial intelligence can help you improve your visibility, attract more customers, and stay relevant on social media and other websites.

However, if you’re just getting started with your online presence or don’t know where to begin, this article is for you. Here, an experienced researcher, Oded Kariti, will explain several ways artificial intelligence can help you improve your online presence that won’t cost a penny!

Make Your Content More engaging

Oded Kariti shares that artificial intelligence can help you create content that engages and converts your audience. You can use AI to create content that is more engaging, attention-grabbing, and helpful. You can also use AI to create additional content in the form of videos, podcasts, and other forms of digital content. In addition to creating better content, AI can also help you create more engaging videos specifically designed to increase clickthrough rates (CTRs). These videos should incorporate brand awareness, product demonstrations, and helpful content to increase the likelihood that your customers will click on your ads and visit your website.


Use AI to personalize and target your audience

When designing your online presence, Oded Kariti suggests considering using artificial intelligence to personalize both your content and the visitors to your website. For example, you can use AI to understand your customers’ search behavior and to show relevant ads and content to them. You can also use AI to understand your site visitors’ behavior and to target the visitors who are most likely to buy from you. These types of AI can help you increase your website’s clickthrough rate and CTR by showing ads relevant to the visitors’ interests and providing helpful content in the form of links or content suggestions.


Build a marketing automation platform

“Marketers who want to increase their online reach and sales should consider building a marketing automation platform to manage their online marketing efforts,” says independent researcher Oded Kariti.

An online marketing platform can help you create engaging content, run digital marketing campaigns, track your online presence, and optimize your website to attract more traffic. There are many different types of online marketing platforms, but all of them have one thing in common: they enable you to build powerful digital presences without a lot of upfront effort. Some of the most popular marketing automation platforms include Google, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Create an email marketing platform

Email marketing platforms are ideal for sending newsletters, email marketing reports, and other types of marketing communications to your audience. Email marketing platforms also allow you to create engaging content, send targeted emails to your audience, and track the success of your email marketing campaigns. There are many different types of email marketing platforms, but most of them are focused on targeting your audience and delivering useful content. Oded Kariti uses email marketing platforms such as AWeber, SendGrid, and InfusionSoft.


Use data to improve your business strategy

The possibilities for automated decision making are practically endless when it comes to decision making across your entire business. With AI, you can now build bots that can make decisions for you.

“You can use AI to build a shopping bot that allows you to research and recommend the best places to buy different products. You can also use AI to create a guest post platform that allows you to publish guest posts and get paid for it. You can use AI to allow customers to submit questions for you to help with the solution to their problems. These types of AI help businesses increase their revenue by making faster and more accurate decisions based on data. These decisions might include the choices a business makes when deciding where to market, what products to sell, and which customers to target with offers and other marketing communications,” says Oded Kariti.


Bottom line

Artificial intelligence is more than just a computer science term. It’s an umbrella term that covers all forms of intelligence that are created by computers. AI can be used to help businesses increase their visibility and sales, improve their products and services, and create new business opportunities. You can use artificial intelligence to increase your online presence in several different ways. You can use it to personalize your content and tailor your marketing communications to meet the specific needs of your audience. You can also use AI to build a marketing automation platform to manage your online marketing efforts. For more information on this toppic, you can read the research publications of Oded Kariti.

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