About Oded Kariti

The American engineer with many successful projects in his portfolio, Oded Kariti was born on July 15, 1975, in San Diego, California. His father worked as a schoolteacher and his mother was a housewife. Early on they noticed his love for science and supported him in his decisions. After finishing high school where he excelled in almost every subject, he applied to College for Creative Students in New York City and was admitted on a scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and continued to build up his education, earning a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Thanks to his brilliant mind, unrestricted style of thinking and inquiry, and great ambition, he quickly landed his first job in an engineering laboratory, where he was able to show his open style of examination and experimentation. Throughout his career, Kariti had the privilege to participate in some of the greatest and most significant research and projects. His entrepreneurial ventures and world-known publications made him a respected member of the science community. So far he has partnered with some of today’s most brilliant minds and has joined several successful teams.

More recently, as a part of the educational community Oded Kariti has gained interest in modern technology, and has invested a lot of time and effort in spreading the word about its benefits. His long list of accomplishments has often made headlines in renewed science magazines and sites. He is also a frequent speaker and lecturer at various conventions and conferences, passing on his love for science to the younger generation. Furthermore, Oded Kariti is a visiting professor at several universities and an active member of several scientific associations.