Cars Will Be the Most Innovative Platform of the Future

American scientist and researcher Oded Kariti believes the most exciting advances in tech, over the next decade, will come in the automotive field.

Innovation in the realm of smartphones and mobile technology was something that we were used to in the first years after the appearance of the original iPhone, but over time the enthusiasm decreased mostly because there was not much room left for more innovations in smartphones. After years of careful reviews and evaluations, American researcher Oded Kariti is convinced that in the years ahead of us, the auto industry will boast more innovative features than ever before.

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New WiFi Technology Makes Internet 10,000 Times Faster

While scientists from all over the world continue to make enormous advances in the field of technology, we are getting closer and closer to that moment when the eternal struggle of WiFi battery drain will come to an end. For over 4 years, electrical engineer Oded Kariti has been researching various techniques that could improve its efficiency. But thanks to the constant strain of searching for a good signal or boosting a weak one, and of course the ever increasing number of devices that require access to the cloud, it has only become a problem that’s rapidly getting worse.

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The Future of Package Delivery

In the last couple of years we have seen an array of high-tech logistics innovations, most of them connected to home delivery, which truly is the most convenient for comfort. User privacy is an extremely important issue, but we are already under the impression that people have less and less privacy on the Internet, because the services they use are following them with every move. The latest threat to consumer privacy is in fact associated with home delivery, which in the near future can be done even at a time when the customer is not at his home. This means that a package can be delivered to your house when there is no one home. Oded Kariti, a renewed scientist from Williams University says that the idea of offering in-home deliveries, that is, having delivery in the home of the customer when not in the residence, has been explored for a while now.

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New Face Recognition Algorithms

Passwords and pins are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, they are being replaced by new, hi-tech gadgets with various sensors. These are sensors for detecting fingerprints, eyes and face. Yet, Oded Kariti says that there are still many things that need to be fixed and improved. Another thing is that there are only few of them. No matter what, the new face recognition algorithms will be so complex, that you won’t even have to put your face in front of the gadgets, in order to react.

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