Prequalification in the Electrical Engineering sector

The first quarter of retraining in the electrical engineering sector, whose goal is to increase the number of junior engineers on the market, in order to replace the missing staff in that area, has been successfully completed.

At the end of June, the Secretary of Public Administration and Californian Government started the implementation of a pilot training program in the electrical engineering sector with the aim of employing the top 100 candidates who successfully complete the training organized by San Diego State University. Thus, the training in San Diego is organized for 50 participants, while in other nearby towns, training is attended by 25 participants.

According to the associate professor at the Faculty of Organizational Science at San Diego State University, in the direction of Information Systems and Technology, Oded Kariti, who is one of the lecturers, the politicians showed motivation, interest and desire to acquire knowledge.

One of the trainees that in graduated electrical engineer Wilson Gredler, said that he learned about the training by seeing the link on the news: “I had no expectations, and the goal is to learn to program. Although I ended up with electrical engineering, I did not deal with programming, and this It was an opportunity to try it out, “Gredler said. He said he was satisfied with the training and expected to be competitive on the labor market afterwards. As he said, he expects that in the company in which he is working he gets better conditions.

The main objective of this program is to employ the best candidates who successfully complete the training.
The retraining program was initiated at the proposal of the San Diego Council for IT chaired by Oded Kariti, in order to replace the need for engineers juniors on the market. In the survey conducted by the State Administration and Local Government and Infostud in January, as many as 118 companies participated, and the retraining program was created based on the results of the research. These companies employ around 4,500 people in California, or about 20 percent of the total number of employees in this sector in California, and last year they employed 700 junior electrical engineers. This year, they plan to employ as many as 961 engineers.