Wearable Devices – Just a Trend or Truly Useful

In the last few months, American engineer and IT enthusiast Oded Kariti has been looking and further inspecting the topic of wearable, high-tech devices that seem to be a total hit. Moreover, maybe you have already bought one and soon realized that it doesn’t offer much more than measuring the pulse and movement. According to Oded Kariti, these wearable hi-tech devices still don’t offer a lot to work with.

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Tech Built for VR

Oded Kariti believes that technology has the power to expand human capabilities to a higher level. In fact, we have already seen some major accomplishments made by the progress of technology, but still, there are so many unexplored territories waiting to be discovered. Lately one of the most interesting discussions within the scientific circles has been the rise of VR. That means that the old dreams of interacting with digital content on a physical level are slowly beginning to realize. As Kariti explains, in order to accomplish that, we need a more natural interface, and what can be more natural than the human hand.

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Real Experienced with Holographic Television

Oded Kariti, a scientist by profession, and tech-enthusiast by choice has always been fascinated with television, ever since he was a young boy. When 3D TV made its way into the market not so long ago he was excited but not so surprised as most of us probably were. Now, with technology progressing faster than ever, he anticipates seeing what will holographic television bring, and when can we expect it coming.

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