Prequalification in the Electrical Engineering sector

The first quarter of retraining in the electrical engineering sector, whose goal is to increase the number of junior engineers on the market, in order to replace the missing staff in that area, has been successfully completed.

At the end of June, the Secretary of Public Administration and Californian Government started the implementation of a pilot training program in the electrical engineering sector with the aim of employing the top 100 candidates who successfully complete the training organized by San Diego State University. Thus, the training in San Diego is organized for 50 participants, while in other nearby towns, training is attended by 25 participants.

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Every other smartphone lacks protection

Despite the more frequent use of financial and other valuable transactions, many of the mobile devices have much lower level of protection than they should actually have. This becomes an alarming issue with the rising trend of using mobile devices as a means of online shopping, bank account management, and storage of confidential data.

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Technology for Daily Housework

Not long ago, vacuum cleaners that clean by themselves could only be seen in Sci-Fi films. But today technology has come such a long way that robotic vacuum cleaners, along with many other devices have become common, and there are more and more household devices on the market each day. That means that we are slowly getting closer to a household fit for the cartoon The Jetsons. In this occasion scientist and professor, Oded Kariti brings you a brief overview of the technology that helps us with our daily household duties.

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Technology Innovations in Modern Companies

Nowadays everything is happening faster, as everything is connected, and change is inevitable. Innovations are important, positive changes. Faced with such changes, companies will open up and give innovations their full support, or they will not change in time.  American scientist and technology expert Oded Kariti recently stated that it is no longer a question why, but how to build a culture of innovation. Around 75 percent of American companies CEO’s believe that innovation is equally important to their companies as the efficiency of their current production. According to a global survey, nearly 84 percent of executive managements in the U.S. agreed that innovation is essential for their business. However, that same study points out an important problem that executive managements currently face. Namely, this study also showed that less than 6 percent of the respondents are in fact satisfied with the innovative processes. Not knowing how to fix it is the real problem here.

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Modern developments of Electrical Engineering

During the development of radio, many scientists and inventors contributed to radio technology and electronics. In his experiments of Heinrich Hertz transmitted and detected radio waves using electrical equipment. Also, in his lab in New York Nikola Tesla detected signals transferred from the lab at West Point at a distance of 50 miles. In 1897, Karl Ferdinand Braun introduced the cathode ray tube as part of an oscilloscope, a key aspect in the developments of technology for electronic TV. Continue reading “Modern developments of Electrical Engineering”