Cars Will Be the Most Innovative Platform of the Future

American scientist and researcher Oded Kariti believes the most exciting advances in tech, over the next decade, will come in the automotive field.

Innovation in the realm of smartphones and mobile technology was something that we were used to in the first years after the appearance of the original iPhone, but over time the enthusiasm decreased mostly because there was not much room left for more innovations in smartphones. After years of careful reviews and evaluations, American researcher Oded Kariti is convinced that in the years ahead of us, the auto industry will boast more innovative features than ever before.

This industry is experiencing major changes and we will witness the wave of innovations in the next few years. New features can provide extra convenience, even after you’ve bought the car. Wireless update software will soon become a standard feature.

We’re living in a fast-scale environment, where technology drives most of the forces. During the last decade, we witnessed more than during the previous last 50 years. Car technology is progressing faster than ever, although that hasn’t always been the case. Namely, it took years for the car industry to embrace cellular connectivity, and wireless industry executives often talked about the long development cycles that went into cars compared with phones. According to Oded Kariti, the pace of technological progress, especially car technology, speeds up exponentially over time because it is all about evolution.

More electronics, more features, and more software: cars are becoming smartphones on wheels. That is why keeping the car software up-to-date is becoming increasingly important, noted Kariti. In a few years, automatic software updates will be possible in every new car. Wireless updates are extremely practical for drivers. In addition, these online updates will be safer and faster.

Automotive connectivity has been a trend for years, but we are yet to see new ways that will make the process of integrating smartphones into car systems easier. Automakers know that cars today have to be smart and easy to use, and that means including innovative features like virtual displays or even drone landing pads. Many technologies found in phones will make their way to cars. Oded Kariti forecasts 5G as the next big phase of mobile connectivity.

Leading researchers have made significant progress and come up with new ways of taking control of cars’ vital functions, like steering, acceleration, and braking. In the United States and other countries such as a Singapore, there are some limited pilots of self-driving vehicles happening already.

Automobiles will be the most innovative platform in the next decade. In the future, car owners will be able to enhance their car’s security, intelligence, and performance without getting up from the sofa. A swipe of the smartphone will be enough to automatically update vehicle software or to download new functions directly from the cloud.