The Future of Package Delivery

In the last couple of years we have seen an array of high-tech logistics innovations, most of them connected to home delivery, which truly is the most convenient for comfort. User privacy is an extremely important issue, but we are already under the impression that people have less and less privacy on the Internet, because the services they use are following them with every move. The latest threat to consumer privacy is in fact associated with home delivery, which in the near future can be done even at a time when the customer is not at his home. This means that a package can be delivered to your house when there is no one home. Oded Kariti, a renewed scientist from Williams University says that the idea of offering in-home deliveries, that is, having delivery in the home of the customer when not in the residence, has been explored for a while now.

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New Face Recognition Algorithms

Passwords and pins are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, they are being replaced by new, hi-tech gadgets with various sensors. These are sensors for detecting fingerprints, eyes and face. Yet, Oded Kariti says that there are still many things that need to be fixed and improved. Another thing is that there are only few of them. No matter what, the new face recognition algorithms will be so complex, that you won’t even have to put your face in front of the gadgets, in order to react.

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Modern developments of Electrical Engineering

During the development of radio, many scientists and inventors contributed to radio technology and electronics. In his experiments of Heinrich Hertz transmitted and detected radio waves using electrical equipment. Also, in his lab in New York Nikola Tesla detected signals transferred from the lab at West Point at a distance of 50 miles. In 1897, Karl Ferdinand Braun introduced the cathode ray tube as part of an oscilloscope, a key aspect in the developments of technology for electronic TV. Continue reading “Modern developments of Electrical Engineering”

Electrical Engineering by Oded Kariti

As an engineer and researcher at Karitien, Oded Kariti deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. As a field of study electrical engineering became recognized in the late XIX century after the commercialization of electric telegraph and electrical power supply. Today it covers a range of sectors including electrical and electronic control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Continue reading “Electrical Engineering by Oded Kariti”