Every other smartphone lacks protection

Despite the more frequent use of financial and other valuable transactions, many of the mobile devices have much lower level of protection than they should actually have. This becomes an alarming issue with the rising trend of using mobile devices as a means of online shopping, bank account management, and storage of confidential data.

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Technology for Daily Housework

Not long ago, vacuum cleaners that clean by themselves could only be seen in Sci-Fi films. But today technology has come such a long way that robotic vacuum cleaners, along with many other devices have become common, and there are more and more household devices on the market each day. That means that we are slowly getting closer to a household fit for the cartoon The Jetsons. In this occasion scientist and professor, Oded Kariti brings you a brief overview of the technology that helps us with our daily household duties.

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New WiFi Technology Makes Internet 10,000 Times Faster

While scientists from all over the world continue to make enormous advances in the field of technology, we are getting closer and closer to that moment when the eternal struggle of WiFi battery drain will come to an end. For over 4 years, electrical engineer Oded Kariti has been researching various techniques that could improve its efficiency. But thanks to the constant strain of searching for a good signal or boosting a weak one, and of course the ever increasing number of devices that require access to the cloud, it has only become a problem that’s rapidly getting worse.

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Wearable Devices – Just a Trend or Truly Useful

In the last few months, American engineer and IT enthusiast Oded Kariti has been looking and further inspecting the topic of wearable, high-tech devices that seem to be a total hit. Moreover, maybe you have already bought one and soon realized that it doesn’t offer much more than measuring the pulse and movement. According to Oded Kariti, these wearable hi-tech devices still don’t offer a lot to work with.

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Tech Built for VR

Oded Kariti believes that technology has the power to expand human capabilities to a higher level. In fact, we have already seen some major accomplishments made by the progress of technology, but still, there are so many unexplored territories waiting to be discovered. Lately one of the most interesting discussions within the scientific circles has been the rise of VR. That means that the old dreams of interacting with digital content on a physical level are slowly beginning to realize. As Kariti explains, in order to accomplish that, we need a more natural interface, and what can be more natural than the human hand.

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