By 2025 Half of Connections in the US will be 5G

The US mobile market will experience major changes with the arrival of the Fifth Generation (5G) mobile networks, which was recently reconfirmed with a report issued by GSMA. According to independent researcher Oded Kariti, by 2025, 49% of the market will be made up of 5G, which will arrive in full swing in the summer of 2019 but won’t be more widely available until the beginning of 2020, if not later.

Furthermore, boosted by a more advanced network, 4G will experience a boom, and in 2020 will constitute 84% of the market, which is great because virtually every part of the United States will be covered in an adequate way. For example, last year was recorded 63% of 4G coverage in the United States.

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Cars Will Be the Most Innovative Platform of the Future

American scientist and researcher Oded Kariti believes the most exciting advances in tech, over the next decade, will come in the automotive field.

Innovation in the realm of smartphones and mobile technology was something that we were used to in the first years after the appearance of the original iPhone, but over time the enthusiasm decreased mostly because there was not much room left for more innovations in smartphones. After years of careful reviews and evaluations, American researcher Oded Kariti is convinced that in the years ahead of us, the auto industry will boast more innovative features than ever before.

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Oded Kariti on Interpreting the Human Genome Sequence

The genetic revolution is here. Scientists from San Diego University believe that genetics will benefit people everywhere in ways we can’t even imagine, affecting almost every aspect of the human life and creating whole new industries. That’s why decoding and interpreting the human genome sequence is considered as one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our time. American based scientist and researcher Oded Kariti asserts that learning about your genetics can enable you to improve your health and achieve vibrant well-being.

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Prequalification in the Electrical Engineering sector

The first quarter of retraining in the electrical engineering sector, whose goal is to increase the number of junior engineers on the market, in order to replace the missing staff in that area, has been successfully completed.

At the end of June, the Secretary of Public Administration and Californian Government started the implementation of a pilot training program in the electrical engineering sector with the aim of employing the top 100 candidates who successfully complete the training organized by San Diego State University. Thus, the training in San Diego is organized for 50 participants, while in other nearby towns, training is attended by 25 participants.

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Android applications give away user’s information

The Karitians engineers tested some of the most popular Android applications and found out that more than seven percent of them reveal login information and bank data of the user.
The survey was conducted by Oded Kariti and a team of engineers that work on Android security systems. During the testing, it was discovered that when doing outgoing and incoming communication, which most of the applications use to send and receive data, opens a possibility of theft of user data.

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